My story with Saidit pedophiles and got warns for saying Saidit’s secret financial report

I am Snow. My name was Snow on Saidit.

I don’t feel Saidit is a safe place let me talk about this now, therefore I post it on here.The main character of this story is basedaf1, another Saidit member. Here are many Saidit screenshots prove he is inserted about sexualize underage:

You can read more about his posts on there, but I am not recommended.

And he was SPAM me a while and many posts since English is not my first language, he posted hate speech towards multilingualism on Saidit.

I clicked reports, those trolling post and hate speech are not being removed. Then I thought the rules of the debate pyramid the admins claimed are not enforced. And after I said basedaf1 admitted he is a pedophile with the screenshots, the admin of Saidit, magnora7 said I am spamming, harassing and lie.

Well, this is shitty debate skill. magnora7.

Saidit old user useless_aether, he was name-calling to me about I mentioned basedaf1’s pedo screenshots, so I give him a ban on that “PedoHatersAnonymous” sub. (I was a mod on there)

It’s not me to give the approval to this useless’s shit post, it’s magnora7.

And then the admin magnora7, give me a “strike” because of I banned useless_aether for name calling to me on that thread.

Obviously, useless_aether is not respecting the debate pyramid the site claimed anymore, and he is the mod of many subs on there. You can see more about his drama by joining Saidit now.

As many people know, the Alexa ranking of saidit is rising, I think the admins on there don’t want to care the rules they claimed before to please some individuals with special sexual interests. Alexa ranking is worth for money.

Look, there are some trolls love to pretend pedophile on the internet, claiming themselves pedophile to scare people. We don’t know they are real pedophiles because we can not take them to the hospital for a check, but someone posting contents like these should deserve an alert. Who knows they are real or not? They can be trolling like that but I am lying and harassing for saying he admitted he is a pedophile?

After I said “Admins didn’t open the financial report.”, (everyone knows the admins accept cryptocurrency for donation, the admins never said how much cryptocurrency he got from donation before), the admin replied to me:

(Wait a minute, I didn’t say they are “poor quality mods” on there. Since Saidit is syncing with notabug , you folks can check it)

That’s how I got 2 and 3 “strikes”, he said someone is going to get a ban after got 3, I found it’s funny.

Even on that reply, he didn’t give a financial report. But said I am lying.

>Actually our finances are 100% open and I’ve stated them many times.

What the hell is 100% open if you never mention how many cryptos you got from donations? I saw a saidit member going to donate cryptos before.Another admin d3rr said they got crypto donations before, but he didn’t tell the numbers.

Maybe m7 just don’t want IRS to know it?

Here is another pedophile (or trolls love to pretend pedophile, in magnora7’s reality) on Saidit, bald-janitor.

As I know, he is still active in the recent few days on Saidit, Saidit admin d3rr knows he is a pedo since 1 month ago. And you can find out his pedo posts on notabug, bald-janitor posted a lot.

So, if you like powermods, sexualize underage, pedo rings and not 100% opened financial report, you are welcome on Saidit, I guess.

I found it’s totally ridiculous that when useless_aether and magnora7 saying about how they hate Epstein’s pedo ring on there. Sadly I wanted to treat them as friends before.

Can someone contact the admins of Notabug for this?

It’s still syncing, these could be a risk they’re going to jail…basedaf1 complained to magnora7 didn’t draw the line clear enough for what kind of pedo content he can post, I don’t know what’s happening on there now.

Saidit admins must be going to have “fun” with me here. Let’s see. I removed all my Saidit post, this is the last one:

If “Me” posting on there again, it’s not me.

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